Canadian Pharmacist Profile : Mike Stuber


“Being able to build a relationship with a patient for years and years has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever been able to do as a pharmacist.”

Mike Stuber (see video) is a pharmacist based out of Regina, Saskatchewan who specializes in HIV treatment and prevention and who also operates the only pharmacist-led pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) clinic in Canada. It comes as no surprise then that he was named 2019 Pharmacist of the year by the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

“Mike’s tireless commitment to some of the most vulnerable patients among us shows the power that innovative pharmacy can have in improving health outcomes for at-risk populations.”

 – Christine Hrudka, Chair, Canadian Pharmacists Association


Mike Stuber works directly and indirectly with patients who are infected with HIV/HCV or may be at risk of becoming infected. He is a clinical pharmacist at the Regina General Hospital where he is part of a team with infectious disease specialists, nurses and social workers who work to achieve the best outcomes for more than 500 Saskatchewan residents living with HIV.

“Saskatchewan has the highest rate of new HIV cases in Canada. Pharmacists, by expanding their scope of practice, have stepped up to provide greater capacity to respond to this crisis…”

Stuber operates the first pharmacist-driven PrEP clinic where he, a nurse and a consulting infectious disease specialist, screen, interview, prescribe and monitor pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis for their patients.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a medication that a person who is HIV-negative can take to reduce their risk of getting HIV.

The clinic is still new, but has so far seen much success with more than 100 patients now taking preventative meds for HIV.

Stuber is a relentless advocate for his patients – particularly when it comes to having access to medication, removing financial barriers and keeping current on the latest clinical evidence and science in the field of HIV.

“He listens, and he is happy to help us, I can tell”

Gloria Tremblay, one of Mike’s patients living with HIV

Mike Stuber is a prime example of what pharmacists can do for their patients.  The job is more than just filling prescriptions, it’s assessment, it’s helping with disease management, and ultimately, it’s caring about the patients’ health.

Pharmacists are doing amazing things, what can your pharmacist do for you?

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